Personal Finance Worksheets

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Personal Finance Worksheets

12 ratings

Do you know your net worth?

Do you know where your money goes each year?

If you want to build wealth, you MUST know the answers to these questions!

I've been diligently tracking my own financial progress for years. That way I can I can make sure that my finances are heading in the right direction.

If you'd like to do the same, download a copy of my personal finance worksheets.

These spreadsheets can contain:

  • Net Worth Statement Template
  • Income Statement Template
  • Action Plan Checklist
  • Money Profile Page
  • Links To Useful Resources
  • Goal Tracking Page
  • Money-Saving Ideas
  • Financial Snapshot 

Here are samples of what they look like:

To be clear, this spreadsheet is a template that YOU need to fill in. It is NOT an automated tool.

Still interested? You might be wondering how much it costs. That's the best part.

Brian's mission is "to spread financial wellness." I firmly believe that these spreadsheets will help to do just that, so I don't want anyone that needs them to miss out on them because of cost.

That's why I'm offering them using a pay-what-you-want model.

Want the spreadsheets for free? Just enter zero!

Want to send me a tip? Select any payment option that you want (or enter any custom price that you think is fair).

I hope they help you to become financially well!

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I want this!


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